Why Save with Fintona Credit Union?

  • Regular savings will build up a substantial share capital for you and security for the future.
  • Your savings earn dividends which are paid annually.
  • Free life savings insurance is provided for all eligible members.
  • Your savings are guaranteed under the Savings Protection Scheme of the Irish League of Credit Unions.
Members can hold savings up to £15,000 maximum
All guaranteed by the Prudential Regulation Authority

Regular Saving

Here is how a regular Credit Union savings plan can help you to build up a substantial savings account:

Years £1 per week £5 per week
1 £52 £260
2 £104 £520
3 £156 £780
4 £208 £1,040
5 £260 £1,300

This table does not include dividends. Dividends earned on your savings increase the above totals.

Withdrawal of Savings

You may withdraw your credit union savings upon request.  However, the withdrawal of savings that are pledged as security against a loan must be referred to Credit Committee for approval. Ordinarily, pledged savings may not be withdrawn. Members are encouraged to consider taking a loan to meet their needs, thereby keeping their savings (and the insurance they earn) intact.