In order to protect the interests and secure the operation of the Credit Union, Fintona Credit Union carries a Fidelity Bond for all staff and volunteers. All League affiliated Credit Unions are members of the Savings Protection Scheme which gives protection to members’ funds. The savings of members of credit unions in Northern Ireland which are affiliated to the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) is protected by the ILCU’s Savings Protection Scheme (SPS) at the discretion of the Administration Committee of the ILCU Board. Currently the SPS fund stands at over £88 million. In addition to this, credit unions in Northern Ireland have reserves of £107 million (12.4% of total assets) which are there to act as a first line of defence should the need arise. All Directors, Staff and Volunteers of Fintona Credit Union Limited sign a Confidentiality Pledge annually ensuring all members’ transactions are completely confidential.